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      Real Estate Farming Postcard Templates by Wise Pelican

      100’s of Real Estate Farming postcard ideas and templates, for Just 77 Cents Per Postcard (Including Postage) with no minimum order!

      Whether you’re an individual REALTOR wanting to geo farm a single neighborhood, or a real estate brokerage with dozens of real estate agents wanting to farm a city, you need a way to quickly and affordably generate complete real estate postcard mailings in various sizes at affordable prices.

      By creating a free account you’ll be able to see all of the various real estate farming postcard templates offered and how our real estate farming system works.


      “We love working with Wise Pelican – they are efficient and creative and quick – but most of all, they are effective! Our farm area is getting to know us through our regular mailings and we often receive compliments about the design!”
      Grant Muller

      Living Spaces - Denver, CO

      Just a Few Real Estate Farming Postcard Examples

      Below are some examples of real estate farming postcards we have created for Realtors that can be easily tailored to your brand and image.  We have tons of templates for you to choose from or we can easily create a custom template for you. Over 95% of our clients use one of our hundreds of pre-built templates ready to swap out the info. 

      Templates include Just Listed postcards, Just Sold postcards, and other real estate postcard templates. 

      We are your one stop shop for Real Estate Farming Postcards.

      All Realtor farming postcards are a jumbo 6×9 high gloss heavy stock. Full-color on both sides.

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      Professional real estate farming postcards templates that can be easily modified in your browser

      We have hundreds of templates to choose from.

      We mail jumbo full-color 6×9 postcards that are sure to grab attention.  Because our system starts with a professional quality Adobe InDesign template (what the pros use), you get the ease of modifying in your browser, without sacrificing professionalism and sophistication.

      Integrated Mail Campaign Tracking

      Our extremely simple to use, proprietary postcard tracking system, allows you to track the postcards as they pass through the USPS system so you know when they get delivered in your farm or to your sphere. If you’re mailing on behalf of someone else, they can even have their own login to track just their campaigns.

      You’ll never have to worry whether the postcards are actually getting delivered to your mailing lists again.


      USPS Tracking Map
      Build A Mailing List By Drawing A Polygon

      Use Our List Builder or Upload Your Own List

      Utilize our list builder to create farm lists based on the radius around an address, the subdivision name (where available), or draw a polygon on a map. You can easily create multiple lists of different real estate farm areas and then continuously mail each list with targeted mail pieces. 

      Alternatively, upload your own lists and then select which lists you’d like to include in the mailing. You can even save a “do not mail” list to automatically remove those addresses from future mailings if you choose.

      We’ll scrub and update your lists according to the USPS National Change of Address database so that your postcards are getting delivered to the homeowner, even if they’ve moved out of the home or are gone for the season. This is useful both for your farm lists as well as for your sphere of influence mailing lists.

      Automated Seller Valuation Templates

      Real estate agents / REALTORs can utilize our pre-built automated seller valuation templates to mail postcards with unique links for recipients to find out how much their home is worth.

      Each link is unique to the address and the system captures the recipient’s email address so you know who is requesting seller valuations.  Follow-up with homeowners that have requested seller valuations to obtain listing appointments by offering a more “accurate” in-person valuation


      Automated Seller Valuation

      Yes, all of our real estate postcard templates are just 77¢ per postcard

      which includes printing, postage, and mailing!

      Additional Service Offerings and Pricing

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      Automatic Seller Valuations

      5¢ Additional Per Postcard

      Icon First Class 01

      First Class Mail

      23¢ Additional Per Postcard

      Icon Mailing List 01

      Mailing Lists

      10¢ Per Address

      No Credit Card and No Purchase Required to Create Account

      Best of Both Worlds

      We have hundreds of postcard templates to choose from or you can provide your own design

      Postcard Tracking

      Easily track your postcard campaigns and see when pieces are delivered. Provide others with the ability to track mail pieces

      List Management

      Upload lists and select which lists to include with each mailing campaign. No list? We’ll build one for you

      Always Up To Date Lists

      We Utilize the USPS NCOA Link database to update addresses on every mailing

      No Minimum Order Qty

      We know it seems too good to be true, but our proprietary system allows us to fulfill orders of all sizes

      Pre-Schedule Mailings

      Create mailings and schedule them to go out in the future so that you can be consistent

      Keys to a Successful Real Estate Farming Postcard Campaign

      Real estate farming is one of the absolute most effective ways for a real estate agent to maintain a consistent flow of new listings. With that being, said, it requires a properly implemented farming campaign or its easy to waste a lot of money on it.

      The most common way to maintain a real estate farm is through the use of real estate farming postcards. These postcards need to be mailed monthly at a minimum and are just about guaranteed to produce results if done correctly.

      The keys to success when it comes to real estate postcard farming are: using real estate farming postcards templates that are proven to work, consistently mailing the same real estate farm a minimum of once per month, and having a solid list.

      Wise Pelican’s real estate farm postcard templates have been used by thousands of real estate agents to generate listings. The awesome thing about real estate farming is that as long as you follow the above formula, it’s extremely difficult to lose money.

      Sending postcards to a targeted Real Estate Farm is a proven tactic to generating listings. However, having a solid plan to go along with your postcard campaign is even better. We cover this extensively in our Truth About Real Estate Postcards blog post, but here are the basics:

      1. Farm-Friendly Turnover Rate. Find an area with an approximate 6-percent annual turnover rate (e.g. if there are 200 homes in the subdivision, 12 homes sold per year is an excellent number).

      2. Check Agent Saturation. Take a look at how many listing agents are listing and selling homes in that area. In order to make it ideal for farming, no agent should have more than 25-percent of the listings in a given subdivision.

      3. Mail Consistently. The best way to  ensure that your real estate postcards work effectively is being consistent. Mail your postcards monthly, or when you Just Listed or Just Sold a home in your real estate farm.

      Best Real Estate Farming Postcards to Send

      Here is a brief summary of the best postcards to send your real estate farm. They are in order of importance:

      Just Sold Postcards

      Just Listed Postcards

      Market Update Postcards

      Automated Seller Valuation Postcards

      Proof of production postcards always come first because these are the most likely to get you another listing. When you don’t have listings to tout, then you mail market update farm postcards and automated seller valuation farm postcards.

      Remember, to be successful with farming, you must mail your farm at lease once per month.


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