Every Door Direct Mail is a popular direct mail service provided by the United States Postal Service, which provides an affordable option for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach an audience in a specific region. 

One of the biggest reasons EDDM has gained attention (especially for small businesses with limited marketing budgets/experience) is the cheap postage, which is approximately one-third of the typical cost to mail a standard postcard.

However, this low postage comes with a different price; and depending on your overall goals, can do more harm than good for your real estate marketing strategy.

In this post, we will provide more detail about Every Door Direct Mail, some of the pros and cons, and if it makes sense for a real estate agent or team to utilize.

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How Does EDDM Work?

Using Every Door Direct Mail is relatively straightforward and simple. First, you choose the neighborhood you want to target, and the EDDM interactive map allows you to select postal routes within the specific area. 

Additionally, the tool will provide you with census-based demographics for your selected region, including income, average age, and number of residential vs business addresses.

Next, the interactive tool will allow you to select the date(s) you want to mail your postcards. Once you have your selected date(s), the USPS website also provides you with a list of printing services to help you create and print the postcards you will deliver to the post office.

When it comes to a low-cost option for direct mail, it doesn’t get much simpler than that. However, in the case of a real estate agent, does simpler mean better? 

Here are some of the potential pitfalls of using EDDM as a real estate agent.

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EDDM Limitations

The post office is a busy place.

Even in the smallest communities, the United States Postal Service has to mail thousands of postcards, packages, and letters on a daily basis.

Other than providing the low-cost shipping, and a tool that allows you to narrow certain demographics, most of the work is up to you.

Some of the important limitations include:

  • Logistical Hassle: Even though the Post Office will refer you to a printing service to create your postcards, you still have to place the order, pickup the order, properly package the order, and deliver it to the post office yourself. As a busy real estate professional, wouldn’t it be easier to create, print and mail your direct mail postcards from your computer?
  • Fixed Target Audience(s): For real estate agents, focusing your reach to specific subdivisions is nearly impossible with Every Door Direct Mail. There’s also no way to “cherry pick” your audience with EDDM, since the tool only allows you to choose specific postal routes, and every address that comes along with it. Targeting a specific audience is critical for real estate agents for a variety of reasons. With a specified target audience, you can narrow your prospective leads based on owner income, homes of a certain size, home value, etc. The more specific you can be, the better your overall results will be.
  • Limits on Postcard Subjects: Assume you recently landed a listing in a specific neighborhood or subdivision, and you want to spread the word about it. If you can’t select the specific subdivision in your mailing list, how effective will that listing announcement be to the recipient(s) outside the subdivision? Market updates could be more effective if the mailing route falls within a certain zip code or municipality, but narrowing your focus on a specific neighborhood is still the better option.
  • Fixed Pricing: Unlike Print-on-Demand Direct Mail, which allows you to choose the exact number of people you want to mail to, EDDM requires you to pay for every address on the selected routes. Even if you’re paying 75% less than a typical Print-On-Demand campaign, the chances of your postcards reaching those who aren’t interested increases dramatically.
  • No Tracking Options: Being able to track the delivery of your postcards provides peace of mind to real estate agents, especially if they spent a good chunk of money on their direct mail campaign. Unfortunately, Every Door Direct Mail does not provide tracking, which is another significant drawback.
  • Absentee Owners: Not every homeowner lives in the home they own. People choose to rent for a variety of reasons, and if a tenant or occupant keeps seeing a postcard about market updates, how likely are they to care? When sending direct mail for real estate, not being able to target homeowners for listings means that all the extra postcards sent in an EDDM campaign is a waste of money and resources.

Add all of these limitations together, and you can see there is a significant cost associated with saving on postage.

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Is Every Door Direct Mail Worth It?

There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding on how beneficial EDDM is for their real estate campaign.

If you are trying to cast the widest possible net for your real estate business in the most cost-effective manner, EDDM is a viable option. Every Door Direct Mail is also a solid option for those with limited marketing budgets who don’t mind the limitations.

However, if you want the ability to track, customize, and hand-pick the very best prospective clients, EDDM’s savings simply do not add up.

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