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      I just wanted to share how we’re handling things in our household.

      Obtaining disinfectant wipes: staples.com generally has some in stock though it’s hit or miss.  They have a brand called Perk that seems to be good and the label even addresses Corona 👍🏼. Staples also has spray cleaner. See images on the blog post here: https://wisepelican.com/covid-life-hacks



      Obtaining disinfectant spray cleaner: staples.com for the win on this one as well.  I was able to purchase Lysol cleaner 👌🏼


      Groceries: This is a favorite topic of mine. Note that we live in Scottsdale, AZ so things may be different where you are but… I’ve been getting groceries delivered for years but have learned so much in the last 3 weeks! Goodbye Instacart, hello Wal-Mart!  walmart.com sells a monthly delivery subscription for about $13/month. When they don’t have the item you have they will attempt to replace and if they replace it with a more expensive one they only charge you the original price.  e.g. you order generic and get name brand or you order a 4-pack and they give you an 8-pack. No idea why but they do. On top of all of this their prices are super low so the monthly fee + tip more than pays for itself vs. paying higher prices at the local store. I still use Instacart for an occasional Costco trip but otherwise Wal-Mart has far exceeded expectations. They leave the groceries by the door so there’s no contact with the driver.

      But Wal-Mart isn’t my favorite thing I’ve found… Do you remember Scwans? It still exists! schwans.com Delivery is free and they extremely nice people. On your first delivery they drop off freezer bags with gel packs so that if you won’t be home you can just set them outside the door and they’ll put your food in them. This is a must try! They have AMAZING steaks to grill, chicken, etc. They also have the more traditional freezer junk food which is also delicious for when you just don’t care. With our driver, they were out of Chicken so he let us know that when he got some he’d put it aside for us and bring it next time. Seriously?!?! AMAZING!


      I bought the full spectrum from junk to healthy. My wife and I love the microwaveable cheeseburgers 🍔 Which is extra hilarious because we also grill cheeseburgers all the time these days (don’t tell my doctor).




      Stay safe, stay strong, accept that there’s a “new normal”, and be an awesome entrepreneur and an even more awesome person.

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